About Claudia

Finding the right therapist can be challenging. So let me share some information about myself, and perhaps you will develop a sense of who I am and how I will work with you.
I am a licensed psycho therapist with professional expertise, education and experience. I myself engage in an ongoing process of personal healing and growth.
I have worked nearly three decades in the health field, during which I have supported people who wanted to improve their health, their relationships, and their quality of life. My background is in systemic family therapy and in Imago Relationship Therapy. In the context of my „other“ career in oral health and dental hygiene and as an instructor at the Medical University of Vienna, I have developed strategies how to motivate clients to engage in healthy and self-protective behaviours.

I am married, mother of three children, and have lived with my husband over the last 24 years in Vienna and in San Francisco. My husband and I have experienced the power and depth of Imago in our own relationship. Therefore I have decided to make Imago the main focus of my work with my clients.

My therapeutic work benefits from:

  • decades of working with clients in various health settings
  • my personal experience as wife and mother
  • having lived in a caring patchwork family
  • my personal experience with a successful long term marriage in which conflict became a chance for growth and greater connection
  • my respect, compassion and validation for others
  • my life-experience, openness, humour, and warmth
  • my self-confidence, strength, and resilience
  • my love of life and people
  • my multicultural experience from having lived many years in the diverse San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Europe
  • my love for my profession
  • my commitment to helping others to heal, grow, develop a heightened state of well -being and create more love and peace in their lives.
I view crisis as an invaluable chance for personal growth, provided it is recognized and utilized as such! I would be happy to support you on your way to a loving and connected relationship!

„Der beste Weg andere zu verändern ist sich selbst zu verändern.“ (Harville Hendrix)