Love Makes Sense 'Hold me Tight‘® Couples-Workshop

A weekend seminar to strengthen and solidify your connection

Paarseminar Liebe macht Sinn Seven conversations for a lasting love-relationship
  1. Recognize distancing patterns of conflict
  2. Identify and understand each others sensitive "raw spots“ and emotional triggers
  3. Recognize difficult interactions and positively change their outcome
  4. Engage in a "Hold Me Tight“ conversation, sharing deep fears and apprehensions
  5. Forgive each other hurtful incidents
  6. Strengthen your connection through touch and physical closeness
  7. Keeping your love alive with zest and joy
We provide a safe workshop-setting and assure your privacy!  


Vienna, Austria June 21st to June 23rd 2019 Workshop in English


Flyer1 Paarseminar Liebe macht Sinn (Hold me Tight©) 2019 Flyer2 Paarseminar Liebe macht Sinn (Hold me Tight©) 2019
Download the flyer (PDF 1,3MB)