When is family therapy advisable?

Supporting parents and families makes sense, when children or teenagers appear to be having a difficult time or when parents fight with them incessantly or with each other over parenting styles. Often the family system can contribute to the solution of these difficulties, usually by changing the “atmosphere” in the family home. Research has shown that children who grow-up in stable nurturing environments achieve better and live more fulfilling lives.
My approach to family therapy is structured to first create safety and predictability. Initially this helps a family shift from conflict and power struggles to re-establishing connection that leads to cooperation. Much of the work I do with parents is three-fold. First, I educate parents on how to understand their child’s behaviour in order to meet their child’s needs. Second, I support parents in connecting with their own needs in order to meet the needs of their children. And last, I help parents connect with their children through communication, building a strong parent-child bond that fosters cooperation. I will teach dialogue skills to all family members in order to promote honesty, mutual respect, appreciation, understanding, empathy and compassion. The work can be transforming for each family member as well as for the family unit.