After a birth

I am with you
The birth of a child is a significant challenge for most relationships. Most separations or divorces occur when the children are young. Accommodating the needs of a new person takes time and energy. Couples often lack the resources to continue to meet each others needs.
Lack of sleep and exhaustion and the physical closeness of mother and child often leads to the father feeling left out. As a consequence, new parents frequently communicate less and feel less connected and passionate with each other. When needs are not met, partners often withdraw from each other or engage in power struggles and feel disconnected, frustrated and alone.

In addition, becoming parents frequently activates old patterns from our families of origin– not too many of us had the luck to have parents who were role models for a loving and nurturing family atmosphere and a romantic and connected couple relationship.
As much as we struggle to do it differently, unconsciously we tend to get caught in repetitive stress management strategies when our children “push our buttons.”
When you recognize the signals of beginning to feel disconnected from your partner or when you react to your children in ways you would like to change, it is time to consider professional support.
Imago relationship therapy helps you create a conscious, intimate and connected relationship and your own individual way of responding to your children. Your willingness to solve conflicts constructively provides your children a valuable role model and an atmosphere in which they feel supported.