Patchwork families are faced with unique challenges- Integrating partners and children from previous relationships into a harmonious family atmosphere requires awareness, sensitivity, generosity and often support!
Agreeing to rules and parenting styles which are acceptable to the children can help avoid conflict which often jeopardizes the new family constellation.

Frequent Issues Patchwork families find themselves confronted with:

  • Do you need to clarify who has which role in the family?
  • Is the role of the step-parent defined, understood, and accepted?
  • Do the grown-ups agree on this role?
  • Is the relationship to ex-partner(s) unclear and potentially threatening to the new relationship?
  • Are there conflicts with ex-partners regarding co-parenting styles, custody arrangements, and/or finances?
  • Do loyalties of children to biological parents impede connecting with a step-parent?
  • Are „new arrivals“ changing and threatening familiar family constellations?
Imago dialogues foster understanding and acceptance and create the basis for mutual respect and a happy future for the new blended family.