Family Building and Infertility

For many women and men, the desire to have a baby can be one of the most powerful driving forces in their lives. Dealing with infertility is therefore a difficult and personal experience.

Suddenly your life, which may have been well planned and successful, seems out of control. Not only is the physical body not responding as expected but it feels as if your entire life is on hold. It is common to feel isolated and misunderstood by family and friends, and to experience stress, relationship strain, feelings of being overwhelmed, and even depressed.

Studies have shown that supportive counselling relieves anxiety and may even increase the success rates of fertility treatments.

If you are struggling to cope with feelings of frustration, stress, loss, and relationship challenges that can result from difficulty in conceiving a baby, or from the difficult and painful process of going through infertility treatments, I can offer you caring, sensitive and guided support. I will assist you to feel more empowered, in control, and at peace with the options, decisions and challenges you may now be facing. My goal is to create a safe environment for both of you to access your inner strength and well-being and to explore your options as a couple. I can help you increase your clarity about choices and options and guide you through the challenges of building a family or to assist you in the process of mourning when you decide that it is time to let go and to create new visions for yourselves as a couple.

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