Imago Relationship Therapy

Most of us want a lifetime of love and companionship but sometimes we need a little help. Imago Relationship Therapy supports couples who want to enrich a healthy relationship, revitalize a tired one, or rescue one gone awry. IRT, founded by Dr. Harville Hendrix and his wife Dr. Helen La Kelly Hunt, authors of the best selling book “Getting the Love you Want,” is a highly innovative approach to relational communication.
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Through Imago we become aware of the connection between our relationship dynamics and our previous unresolved emotional issues. Imago techniques have proven very useful in smoothing out various misunderstandings of daily life, managing conflicts and restoring good will and mutual respect. Imago dialogues assist couples attain a conscious, connected, and intimate relationship.

Imago is based on the premise that growth and healing occur within the context of a committed relationship. During Imago sessions, both partners communicate in supported structured dialogues. In a safe environment they practice to open their hearts, to listen to each other, to share feelings, and to empathize with each other’s vulnerabilities.

Each partner will learn to communicate what really matters in their intimate relationship - what each needs to feel loved, connected, and safe.
Imago is not only effective for couples. Variations of the Imago dialogue help to improve and enrich the quality of all kinds of relationships. Conflicts can be solved between siblings, parents, generations, friends, and work colleagues. Businesses profit by introducing a communication style through which each member of the team feels seen, validated and respected. For individuals, Imago is effective for understanding personal relationship patterns.
Conflict is growth trying to happen!