Love and Health

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Supportive relationships and close interpersonal connectedness not only improve the quality of our lives but also impact our general health and our life expectancy. The need to feel loved and connected is as basic for our survival as eating, sleeping, or breathing. The renowned heart specialist Dr. Dean Ornish, in his book „love and survival“, cites numerous studies showing that love and caring fosters healing even during grave illnesses. How we handle our relationships with others is more important to our health than even what we eat and how we exercise. According to these studies, unresolved anger or isolation and loneliness foster heart attacks, cancer and infectious diseases, whereas love and connection promote health and healing.

Skill in communication and in Imago dialogues may create closer relationships to our significant others and increase the capacity to trust people we come in contact in our everyday life. You develop your ability to empathize, be compassionate and at the same rime clearly and unambiguously express your feelings and needs. These important foundations for closeness and connection - essential to our physical health and well being - are developed and strengthened in Imago Relationship Therapy.