Individual Therapy

One of the most exciting relationships you will ever have is the one with yourself. Why is it you are drawn to particular people? Why do you love some experiences, but dread others? Imago theory explains why these feelings originate from our past experiences, and provides some practical and effective approaches to living your life in a more positive and connected way. Learning more about yourself helps you to better relate to others and to look at the story of your life in a new way. Imago gives insight into how our early relationships influence how we relate to others in the presence. Becoming aware of these patterns and breaking free can be a powerful vehicle towards experiencing intimacy and connection.
Through Imago you can learn how to make relationships more successful. Exploring, understanding, and appreciating yourself, and how you relate to friends and family can become the most joyous experience of your life, and a path to lasting fulfilment.

Common themes:
  • Do you want or need to understand yourself better?
  • Are you in the midst of changing your life in important ways?
  • Have you hit roadblocks in your relationship?
  • Can you communicate in a truly intimate and open way?
  • Do you recognize repetitive relationship patterns and would like to find out where these dynamics originate?
  • Would you like to change these patterns?
  • Is the relationship with members of your family of origin difficult
  • Are you looking for support in parenting issues?
  • Would you like to discover and act on new visions for your life?
  • Would you prefer couple’s counselling but your partner does not want to come along?
  • Would you like to talk about sexual issues without the presence of your partner?
  • Are you unhappy in your relationship but feel that you cannot live without each other?
  • Are you or your partner having an affair and want to explore which way to continue?
  • Are you looking for clarity whether to work on your relationship or whether to separate?