"Hold Me Tight®Online Seminar for Couples

We offer Intensive-Sessions in English or German

The "Hold Me Tight®" Online Seminar consists of intensive sessions individually tailored to your needs. The content is based on our workshop "Love Sense-Hold Me Tight". Between online sessions, you will engage in structured conversations and exercises. During the 4 double-hour online sessions, your experiences with these conversations and exercises will be illuminated and reflected on. Manuals and Hold me tight videos prepare you for the structured conversations between the sessions. Couples receive a lot of individual support from us. You recognize your distancing relationship dynamics and learn how to change them. The focus is on the individual resources of each relationship, the basis for increasing safety and intimacy in your relationship. Humorous videos and anecdotes from our own relationship history include lightness and interpersonal connection.

Couples Workshop 

Vienna, Austria     

October 2-4, 2020

registration open

Generation Dialogue Workshop 

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